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Sherri Norige, the creator of “Shaped By Sherri” has been in the fitness industry since 2008.  Although you could say she has had a lifetime of fitness experience, as a dancer since the age of 3.  She even danced professionally in The Radio City Christmas Spectacular and other musicals.  In addition, she has an A.F.A.A. group fitness certification, Pilates mat certification, Barre method certification, and a N.A.S.M. personal trainer certification with a Nutrition Specialization.  She’s even a trained chef having earned her certificate at the esteemed Natural Gourmet Institute, which emphasizes nutrition and health by providing nutrition classes in addition to culinary training.  When she’s not teaching fitness, you may find her in someone’s kitchen being a holistic personal chef.

Here’s why Sherri created “Shaped By Sherri”:

“I have always preferred a group fitness atmosphere for working out since I come from the dance world where it’s about the group atmosphere.  And this has remained true for most of my fitness career.  I’m just not into the gym atmosphere.  It’s always made me uncomfortable.

However, after years of teaching and then breaking my foot at a dance audition, I found myself working out at home ALL the time and found it REFRESHING that I could work out at any time of day I preferred, in any outfit I wanted, for any amount of time I wanted.  I could even break up my workout around a phone call or a date with the dishes. I was accountable only to me and I’d have time to just be with my thoughts and not worry about keeping up with the class.

That got me thinking.  I knew the same was true for many of my personal training clients.  They wanted to be able to work out any time that best fit their schedule without having to rely on someone to visit them EVERY time they worked out or without having to drive or walk to the gym when it was rainy and they were already tired.  What if I made it easier for them?  What if I brought the personal trainer to them?  So…

I started making videos of the exercises I required for them so they could do the workouts in my absence, stay on track and feel like they were in correct alignment because it was explained in the videos.

 Well it worked.

  It seemed to keep people motivated even when they would typically wane in determination because it was so easy.  All they had to do was press play. They didn’t even need much equipment or space.  There was no uniform and no one to “perform” for.  It’s a great stress free, no pressure way to stay on track.

I hope you find what my clients and I have found.  That working out with me can be time efficient, cost efficient and simplify your life.  You just need to make a few minutes to join me for the workout.  You can do it anywhere.

  You can break it up to 10 minutes 3 times a day, or a whole 45 minute block, or even do 10 minutes from the 25 minute video in the AM and then the last 15 minutes in the evening.  Tailor the videos to your lifestyle.  The truth is working out shouldn’t be a chore you have to fit in.  It shouldn’t involve lots of travel time and take you away from your work or family for extended periods of time.  It should be fun and to the point.  Get it done and then move on with your day to enjoy the beauty of life.

And if you need me to help you figure out how to fit it into your day, I’m excellent at time management and am happy to help you with that too.  I’m at your service.  Let’s find a time to chat!”

I can’t wait to get started shaping with you!
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Be Well!
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