Potato and Vegetable Curry

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Potato and Vegetable Curry (Serves about 6 large entree portions) This is a vegan and gluten free meal that's filling enough to be an entree in and of itself, but also works as a side dish. If you'd like to add some protein to it, it pairs beautifully with legumes.  And my favorite way to [...]

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Tuscan Lentil Soup

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Tuscan Lentil Soup This is another quick soup that’s great to make ahead for your week and just portion it out as you need.  It’s also an easy and filling way to make sure you get your veggies in. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 white onion, medium dice 2 carrots, [...]

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Juice Pulp Breadcrumbs

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Juice Pulp "Breadcrumbs" I know this sounds weird and I admit I was skeptical myself.  However, I can honestly say after making this recipe, I'm totally sold. These "Breadcrumbs" are so good that I actually pour out handfuls to snack on when I'm looking for something salty to eat.  It's a guilt free snack as [...]

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How to Build a Healthy Plate

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“How to Build a Healthy Plate” Whether you’re trying to build your weekly menu plan or just one healthy plate at a buffet, the question of building a healthy plate comes into play. Although there are many schools of thought, I think the mainstay is that there should be some GREENS on your plate.  If [...]

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