Hi Shapers!

My name is Sherri and I have created “Shaped By Sherri” just for YOU!

What is that you ask?

Well… It’s a 2 tier program.


Tier 1: Monthly subscription service including 7 online workout videos shaped by Sherri.

Each month you get:                                           

                                          4- 25 min videos, and

                                         3- 10 min booster videos

Your videos will consist of holistic movements that are thread together seamlessly to keep your heart rate up and to beat boredom.  Each workout will have a flow from beginning to end and include moderate to low impact movements to keep joints as ease.  The concentration for you is wellness, rather than a bikini body.  You may be able to have both, but these workout programs are designed to be something that you can do for a lifetime without need for surgery from overuse or improper technique.  Let’s get off the couch and get shaped together!


Tier 2: Personalized workout videos shaped just for YOU by Sherri.

This will include a personal consultation with Sherri (via Skype or by phone) and then your very own  personalized set of training videos built just for you with weekly check-ins on your progress. You get to decide how many videos, the length of them, the focus of them (arms, abs, cardio, etc.), and because it’s for YOU, you will have exercises appopriate for your level (ex. beginner, recovering from a knee injury, etc).

We can discuss and negotiate a price that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

In addition, I have blog posts with my personal arsenal of stay healthy tips and many recipes to keep you motivated. If you keep your fire fueled it will be easier to stick with your healthy decisions. 
I can’t wait to get started shaping with you!
Contact me today for a consultation!
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