Grocery Store Survival

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Grocery Store Survival We all know the grocery store can be a daunting place and sometimes even a weekly "chore".  I'm also pretty sure you know that if you don't buy "junk food" and bring it home, you won't eat it.  But how do you resist when it all looks so delicious and is strategically [...]

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Pantry Pics

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Pantry Pics Do you ever find yourself coming back from a long weekend (or a vacation) wondering what you need to stock your pantry for the week?  I think most of us do.  But what we usually end up doing is coming home, unpacking, and then looking in our fridge to see what's needed for [...]

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Pantry Stocking

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“Grocery Cheat Sheet” Hey Shapers, Today I’d like to break down a typical weekly grocery list.  I live 8 blocks and a 3 flight walk up from my grocery store.  As you can imagine, I only really do a big grocery trip once a week.  (Side note: it’s a great arm workout, although I don’t [...]

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