Berry Syrup

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“Berry Syrup”  When I was a kid, Sundays were the day we got to have a BIG, INDULGENT breakfast.  This could range from eggs and bacon, and “grandpa’s potatoes” (more on that later), or pancakes, muffins, donuts, bagels etc. as opposed to our traditional cold cereal or oatmeal.  Well, I have to say it was [...]

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How to Build a Healthy Plate

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“How to Build a Healthy Plate” Whether you’re trying to build your weekly menu plan or just one healthy plate at a buffet, the question of building a healthy plate comes into play. Although there are many schools of thought, I think the mainstay is that there should be some GREENS on your plate.  If [...]

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Lunch in a Pinch

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“A Cheap and Healthy Lunch in a Pinch” Hey gang,  Today’s topic: What to do when you forget to pack your lunch…   Personally, I tend to pack or make my lunch daily to keep me on track for my health and wellness goals.  However, sometimes I forget my lunch, or I just feel too [...]

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At Home Juicing Tips

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“Tips for Juicing at Home” As you know, I am a proponent of drinking green juice after reading “Detox for Women” By Natalia Rose.  However, this is an expensive, albeit healthy habit.  One way, make it more budget friendly is to juice at home. I will usually do a week’s worth of juice in one [...]

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Avoiding Hanger

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“Tips for Ordering In” Hello, my name is Sherri… …and I admit it…I NEED to eat EVERY 3 hours.  (Sometimes every 2).  It’s true.  I’m hungry all the time.  With that said, I usually get hungry for dinner LONG before my husband (or family, or friends). Like most couples, we like to eat together when [...]

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