“Tips for Ordering In”

Today's #lunch brought to you by #travel day at #GrandCentralTerminal market in a hurry.  #Arugula from #EliZabar $10, Tomato #bruschetta from #Ceriello $2.88, and 1 lemon to dress $1.  Total: $14.  Not bad for #GrandCentral #NYC.  #ShapedBySherri

Hello, my name is Sherri…

…and I admit it…I NEED to eat EVERY 3 hours.  (Sometimes every 2).  It’s true.  I’m hungry all the time.  With that said, I usually get hungry for dinner LONG before my husband (or family, or friends).

Like most couples, we like to eat together when we can.  But our digestive systems are on different time lines.  Here’s my solution for this problem when we decide to order dinner in. (It works for cooking dinner in too).

I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS try to have greens in the house at all times.

This serves me well when the pangs of “hanger” (hungry anger) start calling.  In order to short circuit the “hangry monster” looming…I just take whatever greens are in the house and dress with

Simple dressing:  Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice



            And Garlic Powder

This will stave off hunger long enough to wait for him to start to get hungry enough to put an order in.

It’s like a progressive dinner.  I end up eating in courses.

This way, I ensure I get my greens in and that I don’t “kill” my husband from hunger and delirium.  (Love you honey)  In addition, it usually shaves some cost off our order bill, so that’s a plus!

When we eventually DO order,

                             I usually just get something small to eat with him.  Some sort of protein source typically, but it depends on what we order.

Additionally, if we do happen to be hungry at the same time, HALLELUJAH,

I typically order a green salad with a protein source, so it’s a full meal all at once, rather than courses.

Either way it works out.

I hope you find this tip helpful for your health and your relationships!  Let me know how it goes!