5 Simple Ways to GO GREEN on EARTH DAY!!!

By Emily Shaffer

It’s Earth Day! 

So, in honor of our home planet – let’s adopt 5 new habits to shrink our negative impact on this big beautiful rock that gives us life every single day.  Some simple changes can make a huge difference if we all stepped up, so I challenge you to think ahead and be a better earthling from this day forth – it can be easy, stylish & fun!

This is a really easy way to save A LOT of plastic from making its way to the recycling plant or landfill.  Recycling water bottles is better than tossing them in the trash but the energy used to transform used plastic into new plastic is taxing on the earth so avoiding plastic as much as possible is always the better bet.  BONUS – you save a boat load of cash plus a chic & sassy glass bottle looks way better with your outfit than that single-use bottle you picked up at the deli.  Win Win!

This is one of my favorite and most important tips to impart onto new “going-greeners”!  The smaller the piece of plastic, the more likely it is to end up in the wrong place.  Take a look on the ground -how many plastic straws do you see?  Way too many.  They so easily end up in the ocean and pose a huge problem for animals & marine life.  I always tell my waiter or barista “no thanks on the straw, I like to save plastic” and I’m always met with a smile.  Pssst :: also, straws make you bloat by gulping more air into the tummy :: but if you really dig straws – pick up a pack of stainless steel straws & pop them in your purse.  Sip the smarter way!

There are some plastics we cannot avoid but try to support brands & products with smarter, earth-friendly packaging.  Buy eggs in a paper carton instead of styrofoam.  Get peanut butter in a glass jar instead of plastic.  If you can make a choice to avoid plastic – do it!  BUT if its totally unavoidable – reuse plastic when possible or properly recycle it: yogurt containers, plastic wrap, barely used foil, plastic cutlery, straws, hot coffee lids, etc. — if these plastics wiggle their way into your life – just make sure they get recycled!

Seems pretty simple but using energy wisely is super important.  In the winter time, unplug your AC.  Turn the lights off if you’re not in the room.  If an appliance isn’t going to be used for quite some time, unplug it.  Get proper light bulbs – I could go on, but you get the point — not only are you saving dough but mother earth is saving energy!

Those awful plastic bags that we somehow acquire despite our commitment to bringing our own grocery totes to the store (right guys? Surely in the year 2017 we’re all doing this right?… It’s ok – todays a perfect day to start!) — anyhow, toss one in your purse or in your car along with some hand-sanitizer and try to pick up 5 lonely recyclables off the ground a day.  You get to be a plastic superhero delivering them to the safety of the recycling bin and it’s an easy breezy way to make a really important step to cleaning up your community.  Get your hands dirty in the name of mama earth!

Now you have successfully made some really great new habits – good for you – keep it up!  There’s only so much space in the world, so lets fill it with love and not garbage!

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