Car Survival Kit


Many of us spend most of our days on the go, which is a hard way to stay nourished properly.  Usually meals are just thrown in quickly in between tasks and engagements.  What this means is an ill prepared day can lead to a healthy choice breakdown.  Your brain and body are under such stress that it’s hard to make the “right” decision when faced with lots of quick fix food choices at once.

The solution to this dilemma is to always have a kit with good food choices at the ready in your car for that last minute hunger attack.  It’s like a first aid kit.  It’s always there should you need it and fully stocked. Never be caught unprepared again!

This kit will come in handy for your holiday travels as well (think of sitting in holiday traffic when you stomach starts grumbling and you start to get just a little bit hangry).  Not only that, but should any emergencies happen while you are in your car, like a flat tire, a snow storm, etc, you will also have supplies to support these emergencies.

Here are a few ideas that may help you build your own survival kit.

1. An empty reusable insulated water bottle/thermos. This can be filled with hot or cold liquid should the need arise for a hot cup of tea or cocoa, or simply a cool drink of water.

2. Tea bags (a few of your favorite varieties) to go into the aforementioned water bottle.  These are good to have around for the last minute caffeinated, calming, or just plain warming effect.

3. Nuts or seeds.  I personally am loving “Superseedz” brand of salted pumpkin seeds right now!  So good!

4. Dried fruit.  It keeps better than fresh fruit and can be paired with the nuts for a salty/sweet fix or just a sweet fix when eaten alone. Try to buy varieties without the use of sulfur or other preservatives.  Or dry your own! Think outside the box.  Although the traditional raisins and prunes are good choices, you can pretty much dry anything.  Think mango, papaya, figs, bananas, apples, etc. Also the brand “That’s It” makes fruit bars out of dried apples paired with one other fruit.  A great portable way to eat dried fruit.

5.  Freeze dried fruit is another great alternative to the traditional dried fruit.  It has a lighter texture and sort of melt in your mouth feel.  Great for a sweet fix, should you need it.  You can buy this more wholesale, or “Crisps” makes a variety of flavors.

6. Individual packets of nut butter.  “Justin’s” brand makes many different varieties.  You can just squeeze it and eat right from the packet.

7. Seed crackers that can pair well with your nut butter.  “Mary’s Gone Crackers” makes a good variety of these.

8.  Quality beef/turkey jerky or cans of tuna fish.  These also keep well and provide good sources of protein.

9.  A healthier salty snack like plantain chips or sweet potato chips (I like Terra brand) might keep you from grabbing those drive-thru french fries. Try to buy them in individual serving sizes, rather than a whole big bag that will beg you to gobble it up entirely in one sitting.

10.  A couple plates, napkins, and forks/knives (reusable or compostable, if possible).

Remember, these are not meal replacements, just little snacks to get you over the “munchies” hump until you can sit down and eat a proper meal with lots of GREENS!

And these are just suggestions to get you started.  I might even add a 70% chocolate bar to mine (just in case 😉 ).   What would you add to yours?

***Also, a tip from me: store your survival kit in a sealed bag (like a backpack) and store behind your chair or somewhere out of sight, so you are not tempted to just eat right through the kit for no reason other than “it was there, so you ate it”.  Out of sight, out of mind is best.  This way the food will be there when you actually need it.

Good luck and stay safe out there!