Maple Latte

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Maple Latte There is a local coffee shop near the beach we like to spend our summers at.  They  have a delicious iced coffee drink they call the "Maple Latte" made with local maple syrup.  It's so good that I decided to see if I could make a version of it at home.  Here's what [...]

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Eggplant Bruschetta

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Gluten Free/ Vegan/ Baked "Fried" Eggplant with Latin Style Bruschetta Ingredients: 1 small eggplant cut into 1/4 thick rounds salt coconut oil Breadcrumbs: 1 cup almond flour ( I used Honeyville) 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano 1/2 teaspoon dried basil 1/2 teaspoon parsley flakes Bruschetta:  1/2 pint cherry tomatoes, diced [...]

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Chocolate Mint Matcha Bars

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Chocolate Mint Matcha Bars This is a nice lightly sweet treat for you matcha lovers!  The  matcha is what makes it green, which is why it lends itself to peppermint.  These would be a great treat for St. Patrick's day! Ingredients: 3 Tablespoons full fat coconut milk 2 teaspoons matcha powder 1/8 cup, plus 1 [...]

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Juice Pulp Breadcrumbs

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Juice Pulp "Breadcrumbs" I know this sounds weird and I admit I was skeptical myself.  However, I can honestly say after making this recipe, I'm totally sold. These "Breadcrumbs" are so good that I actually pour out handfuls to snack on when I'm looking for something salty to eat.  It's a guilt free snack as [...]

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Homemade Chocolate Candies

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Homemade Chocolates It's no secret that I love chocolate, but this particular chocolate recipe make my heart sing.  There is something about eating chocolate in the shape of Mickey Mouse that makes the whole experience more enjoyable. I also love that I know all of the ingredients in these chocolate and it feels like real [...]

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