Apples and Nut Butter


This is a simple breakfast that’s really delicious and satisfying, especially if you are on-the-go.

It travels well and takes minimal room in a bag.  Plus it’s light enough to keep you “on the go” rather than weighing you down.

It’s usually best to eat fruit in the morning as it burns quickly and digests smoothly with nothing else in your stomach.  That’s why I recommend it for a light breakfast, especially if you are going to work out.  However, as long as you eat it on an empty stomach, you can also enjoy this as a snack.  (It might be even be good to carry with you on a long hike or trip through an airport for example.)


1. Any apple, or hearty fruit like a pear will work.

2. Any nut or seed butter (like sunflower seed butter if you are allergic to nuts) will work.

My personal preference is Cortland apples with almond butter, but feel free to use any flavors you like.

Granny smith is a good choice for the apple as they are lowest in sugar.

And if you feel like springing for the travel packs of nut butter  (pictured above) rather than making your own, be sure to read the label.  Try to find packs without any sugar, added salt, or any other unecessary flavorings and preservatives.

While I prefer to put the butter in my own reusable container for dippping, I understand the convenience of the travel packs, especially for kiddos.  The squeeze feature might even make them more inclined to eat it.

Happy snacking!