“Let’s Talk About It: Number 2”


Did you ever notice that with babies we are so concerned about the regularity with which they poop?  If they don’t do it after eating, something must be wrong, right?

And then somewhere along the line we stop paying attention to how often we “go”.


…we reach advanced age.

   For example:

 I remember visiting my grandmother in the hospital near the end of her life and she was “out of sorts”, or plain old cranky that day.  We later found out that she was constipated.

…After she was “cleared”, she was much more pleasant.

I find a similar situation myself….

Once a month, I’m more “backed up” than usual because of my hormones and I’m cranky.  After, I’m “going” again, my mood inevitably lightens.

So with all this said, why do we stop paying attention to our bowel movements in the long span between infancy and advanced age?  The answer is unclear to me.

This may be a sticky subject, but I propose we all start taking notice of our “eliminations”.  How often do you eliminate?  Once a day? Once a week? After each meal?

If you think of the unencumbered digestive tract of a newborn… they eliminate after each “meal”. Makes you think…

Perhaps, we should all be doing that for a lifetime.  Think about all the toxins your body would be ridding itself of if you were “regular”.

If you find yourself not going regularly, this issue needs to be addressed and it all comes down to diet.

There is no magic pill to get you on track.  You have to rid your body of inflammation and eat things that encourage movement.

Start paying attention to your body and its movements. If you notice a trend and it’s not toward regular elimination, you may want to see your Naturopath or other doctor.

Happy “moving” everyone!